About Us

We offer you a taxi services in the City of Tuzla and the region. Taxi transport services from and to the International Airport Tuzla, as well as all the airports in the region.

Contact phone: +387 61 876 358

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Check pricing for most popular destinations

Start Destination Price BAM Price Euro
Tuzla Tuzla Airport 20KM 10€
Tuzla Sarajevo 120KM 60€
Tuzla Banja Luka 160KM 80€
Tuzla Zenica 110KM 55€
Tuzla Brčko 70KM 35€
Tuzla Gradačac 60KM 30€
Tuzla Doboj 50KM 25€
Tuzla Bijeljina 60KM 30€
Tuzla Beograd Airport 170KM 85€